The Ultimate Outfit Guide | Tips for looking your best for your engagement photos

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    What not to Wear

    I’ll begin by telling you that this is my personal preference after years of photographing couples in all kinds of outfits, as well as learning fashion and body types. I want you to wear what you want, but also what will look amazing in your photos.

    I want to ELEVATE your look for your engagement photos.

    “I’m sorry that I just know what looks correct. And this situation is not correct! Toilet plungers on display at the front of a store is incorrect! Breath mints where the lip balms should be. Not correct! Not correct. These mountaineering shoes that my boyfriend is wearing, looking like Oprah on a Thanksgiving Day hike, incorrect.”

    David Rose, Schitt’s Creek

    There are certain outfit choices that can detract from your photos and the overall quality of the end. We suggest avoiding the following:

    • Clothing with prints and patterns: Prints and patterns add a busy feeling to your photos that detract from your beautiful faces and draw attention away from moments captured at your session
    • Ditch anything too matchy-matchy: if you are both wearing the same or similar colors (eg. black and navy, or both wearing white tops) it can be harder to visually differentiate the two of you in photos
    • Skip noticeable logos (no Nike, Under Armor, etc should be noticeable), graphics, and busy patterns or bold prints
    • Avoid ultra-bright, bold colors like neon green/yellow, bright pink, etcetera. If you aren’t sure just ask, I’m here to help!

    What to Wear


    Picking the right color is important.

    Stick to neutral, earthy, muted, or pastel colors bringing all the attention to your faces and emotions.


    Gentlemen. I understand this may be outside your norm or comfort zone BUT there are few occasions to get dressed to the nines, and this is one of them. Your engagement photos are a one-time event. And you deserve to look just as amazing as her.

    Pant Breaks | The break is the fold or bend above the cuff of the leg, which is created when the fabric of the leg is longer than your physical leg. Thus the pant line “breaks,” or kinks, near your shin when the cuff meets your shoe. If a pant has no break, then the front line of the pant will be unbent, and the cuff will just graze your shoe.


    You cannot get overdressed. Whether it be a simple gown or an overflowing tulle skirt be luxe.

    (Taylor’s Dress can be found at Baltic Born)

    The key to a great outfit is Movement.

    For a timeless clothing style, think of romantic, light, and elegant fabrics. We love adding tons of movement during your photoshoot; it adds so much life and that authentic, candid feel to your engagement photos. That’s why for her, we recommend going with a beautiful maxi dress or maxi skirt that is able to catch the breeze. Light, flowy fabrics add so much gorgeous movement and life to your photos. Fabrics to look for include lace, crepe, tulle, and lightly textured fabrics.

    Alyssa’s Dress found on Amazon


    When it comes to a more casual look you want to be sure to have one person in a solid top, and the other in a print.

    For men: a fitted tee, henley, or terry crew are great looks. Toss on a jacket for layers!

    What’s In & out

    #1. Skinny & legging jeans // This is probably the only denim silhouette that is considered “out” right now.

    Instead, we are seeing wide-leg pants, flares, and slim straight leg styles.

    #2. tunic tops // Tunic tops went the way of the skinny jean, probably because they pair so well. And the tunic top with leggings look we were all doing 5 years ago is out, too.

    A more modern alternative is a woven top or v-neck cardigan with straight or wide leg jeans.

    #3. SHACKETS this year chunky cardigans are all the rage, which pair well with the now trending with a pleated trouser

    #4. BOOTIES. We don’t want to see your ankles. In this year are loafers, ballet flats, pointy toes, slingbacks, and boots that are mid to knee high. Western inspired boots are also trending 2023.

    #5. Floral/animal print skirts.

    I personally am loving the sweater with slip skirt look!

    If you really want to be in the know for the latest trends here are a few links I suggest!

    41 Best Amazon Fall Fashion



    Theo & Co – local

    Shop Katsch – local

    MIVA – local


    Baltic Born

    Old Navy



    FAQ About Engagement Outfits & Photos


    Yes, you can bring multiple outfits for your engagement photos if you have upgraded to the Luxe Engagement Session. This allows you to have a variety of looks and styles in your photos. However, it’s important to keep in mind that changing outfits takes time, so make sure to factor that into your schedule. I suggest 2-3 outfits: a casual look, dressed to the 9’s, and a favorite look if you would like 3 outfits.


    Abso-freaking-lutely! We love our furbabies here at Keel Co and would LOVE it if you bring yours! Check out our blog post for tips on how to include them here: How to include your Dog in your Engagement Photos

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