10 Ways to Include your Dog in your Wedding

When our couples want to include their dogs they have so many questions about how to include their fur babies. Over the years we’ve worked with many doggos and that’s why we’ve created this guide so that you can include your pooch in a stress-free way.

  1. Hire a dog assistant.
    • Find someone willing to be the assigned dog assistant for your day. Whether this is a trusted friend or a hired dog handler it’s worth finding someone outside the wedding party
  2. Exercise your dog
    • Exercising your dog for at least 30 minutes before they join you will help calm their anxiety and hyper activity
  3. Include them in your getting ready photos
    • This is a great way to get a few candids with your furry baby!
dog getting ready with groom

4. Have your dog handler bring them to your wedding party portraits and have them be a part, I personally love having them run through the party tunnel with you!

bride and groom run through wedding party tunnel with dog
couple with dog and wedding party

5. Bring them along to your sunset photos. Sunset provides you with some of the most stunning photos of the day, and having your dog assistant bring them during this time will you give you the best photos with Fido.

6. Walk down the isle as the “best dog.” Who says your best man can’t have fur?

7. Dress them up to be the ring bearer/flower girl

8. Feature them on your invites

9. Honor them as a special cocktail

10. Check with your venue to find out any requirements they may have for pets on the property, but how fun would it be to let them cut (or chew?) a rug on the dance floor!

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